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Manolis Sifakis sets a 2:27 Marathon PR

Due to the cancellation of the Athens Classic Marathon Manos and two running friends decided to run 42.2 k from the top of a

mountain all the way down towards Heraklion on the isle of Crete. They started at 7:43am


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from an elevation point of

1752 meters down to around

150 m. Kostas ran a 2:45:03

and Valadis ran a 2:44:27

whereas Manos started out

in 1:11 for the first half which

had a 1000m elevation loss

and the second one in 1:17

with 600m elevation loss.

With a total elevation gain

of 395 meters around 5k

were flat, 5k uphill and 32k

downhill. He smashed a

2:27:09 h though they had

to start at a temperature of 2° C and very strong winds of up to

100 km/h over the first 5k. After the run he said this:

"This time my body is dead , I don't feel anythig , my legs are stones, my hands are tired my foot fingers cannot move and all night I don't sleep".

This man is surprising me over and over again with his great efforts. Even though his 2:38:14 at the Athens Marathon 2012 are more precious, this was an absolute unique performance and certainly not an easy run to do.



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